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Thank you for visiting taimenfund.org. The Taimen Fund represents an alliance of NGOs, government agencies, communities and private businesses, all unified in their concern for the survival of this amazing species. The mission of this TAIMEN CONSERVATION ALLIANCE is to help conserve Mongolia’s wild taimen. Together, we are working to innovate conservation approaches designed to maintain the ecological integrity of the watersheds on which taimen depend.

Our partners promote sustainable “catch and release” fishing practices and natural reproduction. We facilitate the creation of sustainable models for recreational fishing and implement campaigns to increase awareness and support programs that improve general scientific knowledge of taimen and associated habitats. We work with local and national government agencies to help generate regulatory, management and enforcement improvements. Our efforts are designed to conserve endemic species and natural ecological functions. Ultimately, we want to see Mongolia’s rivers remain wild and free of hatcheries, permanent streamside development and substantial flow alterations. Therefore, we work to protect rivers at a scale that is ecologically meaningful and will result in the conservation of Mongolia’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

We thank those who have invested in the conservation of this wonderful species, and have helped make this program so successful. Your donations are applied quickly and directly to projects that keep taimen where they belong--in the beautiful rivers of Mongolia. Please take a moment to read about taimen conservation and our team. We look forward to working with you and keeping you informed, so do check back with us for regular updates.

We are excited to share our enthusiasm for protecting the world’s largest trout species!


Charlie Conn, Executive Director