Watershed Warriors

In 2019, TTF is embarking on a journey with the greatest potential impact for the future of watershed health and conservation. We are proud of our work with herders, outreach and scientific research, however we feel that we are under-engaged with the children living within the watersheds that we so dearly care to protect. Therefore, we look forward to introducing the Watershed Warrior program to engage with students in communities along taimen rivers.

From the banks of the famed Yellowstone River to the banks of taimen rivers throughout Hovsgol Province we are excited to introduce a program created by Mrs. Chris Pavlovich of East Side Elementary School in Livingston, Montana. Mrs. Pavlovich’s, Watershed Warrior program is a unique curriculum that provides hands-on, place-based, real-life applications to school subjects while bestowing stewardship of and access to a common thread in students landscape and culture.

We look forward to working with Mrs. Pavlovich, community leaders, Provincial and Federal agencies, NGO’s, educators and parents to create the forum in which to best engage the future leaders of Mongolia.