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Hi Folks, 
nevadaRadioTagUniversity of Nevada science team members implant a radio tag.There is a lot to report on after three terrific weeks in Mongolia.  During my visit I was able to connect with donors, finalize plans for our 2016 National Taimen Awareness Campaign, and visit River Keepers and inspectors.  I was also able to spend three days with Purvedorj (Puji), Taimen Conservation Fund Chairman, travelling the countryside and visiting with watershed residents.  One afternoon we took an unscheduled break from our tour to fish a small creek for lenok and grayling. To our pleasant surprise were approached by one of our River Keepers and asked to present our license. Job well done checking the boss!

Without question, one of the highlights from my visit was participating in the tagging of taimen in the lower watershed.  Fisheries biologists Dr. Sudeep Chandra and Dr. Zeb Hogan, and their team, were responsible for placing 10 new radio tags in taimen within the Teshig area.  We look forward to working closely with Dr. Chandra (Associate Professor of Limnology and Conservation Ecology, University of Nevada-Reno) in the coming months to formulate a plan for continued research in the Eg watershed and throughout Mongolia.

Thanks again one and all for supporting the Taimen Fund. It is a great pleasure to report that, because of your investment, the taimen in Mongolia have a bright future.

beautifulTaimenTaimen Fund team members Bayaraasaikhan and Paul Lavins show of a beautiful taimen.

Until next time,

Charlie Conn
Executive Director, The Taimen Fund

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