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The Taimen Fund has big plans for 2019, including the expansion of our RiverKeepers Program to other Mongolian watersheds and a social media campaign to educate Mongolian anglers and public of national fishing regulations. Our most ambitious program to date – bringing an award-winning, Livingston, Montana developed elementary school watershed health and science curriculum to schools in the Murun area – will launch in 2019.

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Meet our Research Partners and Welcome to the Taimen Vault:

The Taimen Fund inhabits the confluence of conservation and education and without each neither alone can save the taimen of Mongolia. We are fortunate to work with a number of area experts and research partners and we’d like to shine a light on their participation.

Please visit the redesigned Taimen Fund website to meet our team of dedicated scientists, educators and conservation specialists at

You’ll also find the start of our Taimen Vault – a repository for what we hope to be the world’s leading research and reporting on taimen on the web. It’s just a start but we’ll be adding to it over the coming months so please check back again.

Slideshow of Peter Fong’s Lake Baikal Headwaters Expedition:

The Taimen Fund supported author and adventurer Peter Fong’s 2018 Lake Baikal Headwaters Expedition and in return his team surveyed communities along the Delger Murun watershed for future TTF conservation work in the area.

The Baikal Expedition, the first of its kind saw the team summit the largest mountain in the region and descend down to the first braid of water forming the Delger Murun. They then proceeded to follow the Delger Murun in its entirety to the Selenge River and all the way into Russia at Lake Baikal.

We’ve uploaded a short video of photos of the journey here: