Fly Fishing

The Taimen Fund is an organization that grew from a love of fly fishing. For the founding Executive Director and for all the members of the Board of Directors fly fishing is the bonding link that catalyzed TTF’s existence and efforts to maintain the pristine watersheds of Mongolia. Like most small NGOs, TTF has made a scalable effort to work within its means to be an effective advocate and protector of taimen throughout a few watersheds in Mongolia. However the more time we have spent in Mongolia it is apparent that despite the fact that there is no line item expenditure in TTF budget to grow fly fishing in Mongolia it is abundantly clear that the growing group of fly anglers in Mongolia have been TTF’s staunchest allies.

Over the past five years TTF has worked closely with the many fly fishing clubs in Ulaanbaatar to help promote the sport. Attending casting competitions, teaching casting, slideshows and on-water demonstrations, have been great opportunities to highlight the sport that we love but to also help advocate for the watersheds we love as well. We will never pass up a chance to spend time with the fly fishing community of Mongolia.

On a basic level TTF has tried to helped promote something inherently powerful that happens when one stands in a stream, catches a fish on a fly and feels the urge to return it back into its environment.