Since its inception, The Taimen Fund has built a great tradition of outreach and education programs throughout Mongolia. Our marquee program, a national awareness campaign, was funded thanks to a grant from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. Building on prior taimen conservation efforts and strategies in the Eg-Uur, Delger Marun, and Onon-Balj watersheds, the campaign hinged on a core campaign statement: “We believe in the conservation and sustainability of taimen, the pride and symbol of Mongolia’s pristine nature, and in the people who have potential for conservation wisdom.”

This slogan, printed outreach materials, and posters were distributed to rangers, local protection agencies, organizations and community members broadly across the country.

TTF has helped fund a variety of regional efforts. In the Eg watershed we have continued outreach campaigns with the Taimen Conservtion Fund and our RiverKeepers. Every year our team has visited local classrooms, met with local government officials and hosted events to engage soum residents, creating an environment where they can reach a wider audience. Events as simple as hosting a volleyball tournament have been a great means to meet people and better explain fishing laws and the negative impact that poaching has on communities and the overall health of the river. In 2017, local partner TCF presented a one-day “Let’s Protect Taimen” event to the 9th-grade class of Erdenebulgan soum where environmental legislation and fishing regulations were introduced to the students – between games of volleyball.

TTF has also participated in campaign efforts in the Delger Moron watershed with our conservation partners Mongolia River Outfitters and BioRegions International. This effort continued MRO’s “Spirit of the River Campaign,” which helps expose locals to the importance of river health and fishing law. In addition the campaigns have supported river cleanups, ecology workshops and Healthy Taimen Festivals.