The Taimen Fund will continue to support anti-poaching patrols along the Eg-Uur this season through our flagship ‘RiverKeepers’ program. Now in it’s 10th year, our RiverKeepers work closely with authorities to fight illegal and non-permitted fishing along 120 kms of this premier taimen habitat. We thank our Mongolian partners at the Taimen Conservation Fund and Hovsgol Travel for their financial and administrative support of the RiverKeepers teams.

 This year, TTF is expanding the RiverKeepers program to include patrols and community outreach along an additional 130 kilometers of the upper Eg river through our RiverKeeper Recovery Zone (RRZ.1) Program – more than doubling existing patrol areas. With significant infrastructure development in Mongolia, access to prime taimen strongholds has never been more convenient. The section of the Eg River from Alag-Erden to the soum of Eg-Uur does not currently host guided taimen fishing and so the front-line defenders of wild taimen aren’t present on a piece of water facing a dramatic increase in fishing activity both legal and illicit. TTF will fill this gap with RiverKeeper-trained teams of new RiverKeepers to curb illegal fishing and educate anglers to the regulations for legal taimen and lenok angling in Mongolia. Support our work via an online secure donation.

 The Taimen Fund is launching the “$10K RiverKeepers Challenge” during FQ2 of 2020 to raise $10,000 in donations dedicated to the continued growth and impact of our new RiverKeepers Recovery Zone program in Hovsgol Province. This new effort will help increase our reach and range across additional taimen habitat. Please consider donating today. TTF will match $.50 to the dollar raised between March and June that is directed to this challenge.

Good friend of The Taimen Fund, Susan Higgins, is co-leading a hands-on course exploring the crossroads of climate change and human health across a changing landscape this summer. Open to all ages and nationalities, the course will be taught in English. Major scholarships available! In partnership with the American Center of Mongolian Studies (ACMS). For more information please visit:

And, unfortunately, the global spread of the ‘Coronavirus’ has not passed Mongolia by. While there are no reported cases, as recently as the end of February, the government suspended all flights from Japan, China and South Korea – representing the vast majority of transit hubs to the country – and sealed the Chinese border while closing schools and canceling national events such as the recent Lunar New Year.

 Will it affect the 2020 taimen season? We certainly hope not, and expect thousands of visitors both domestic and international will travel to Hovsgul Province during Mongolia’s summer and fall. For those lucky few able to chase wild taimen across this landscape please tread lightly, take pictures and best of luck on the river.

Charlie was recently interviewed by Yellowdog’s Jim Klug for their “Waypoints” podcast. It’s some damn fine audio.